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Hammerheads - The Search for Thor's Hammer Adventure ModuleBundle

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In the land of ice, the Frost Giant Thrym has one desire...

...To claim the Norse goddess Freya as his.

And his only way to get her is by stealing Thor's hammer. Thrym will give it back if Thor agrees to give him Freya.

But Loki has a trick up his sleeve, and it will require your help. He and Thor will keep the Frost Giants busy, while you and your party track down his hammer. Are you up for the challenge?

The Search for Thor's Hammer: A Norse Mythology 5e adventure module with new monsters, magic items, maps, and awesome art!

Page Count: 70

Player level: 3-8

This 70-page, full-color PDF full of fun contains:

  • 5 colorful maps for gameplay (also as the link to download the high-resolution images for you to print out - both with grid and without).
  • Background world-building information

Also included in the bundle are:

  • A Thor-themed journal with prompts called 30 Day of Thunder. This is a PDF that you can either print and use or import into an app like Evernote or Goodnotes and use it with your iPad).
  • Odin's Raven is the creation story inspired by Norse mythology, a prequel to the game to help you understand a bit of the backstory and animosity between the gods and the Frost Giants.
  • Forged by Thunder, a Tyrell the Adventurer story

When darkness descends, heroes rise…

When the mantle of diplomacy lands squarely on the shoulders of Tyrell the Adventurer and the unwavering warrior Bhalam, the queen-ordained trip soon transforms into a bone-chilling revelation—a village adorned with macabre statues wrought from human iron. 

Tyrell knows there's no time to lose saving the village and its fear-frozen people. Thunder announces the arrival of Thor, the mighty Norse god, with the enigmatic Loki at his side, and the situation has never seemed more dire. Beneath their feet, the ground quakes. Powerful malevolent forces stir from below, demanding a tide of reckoning that even the gods may not be able to stop in time, ushering in their utter doom.

Note: Books will be delivered via Bookfunnel. You will also receive an email from Bookfunnel with the books (Forged by Thunder, Odin's Raven, and 30 Days of Thunder Journal), so you can read said books on your preferred device.

Additionally, an A4 edition has been uploaded (and is noted in the list of downloadable files)

You will get the following files:
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  • PDF (14MB)
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