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Simply Irresistible

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Simply Irresistible
Book one in the Irresistible Series.

Being a single mom and building her own baking company hasn't been easy for Emma Campbell, but she wouldn't change any of it. She's happy and too busy trying to expand the business to complicate her life with dates that don't give her anything but headaches.

After being traumatized by love, she’s terrified of being hurt again. She’s set to safeguard her family from pain. Especially since her daughter's heart is at stake, too. However, when sexy millionaire Nick Brown comes into her life, her reluctance falters. How can she resist a man whose simple glance makes her melt like chocolate on a summer day?

* * *

To the Boston press and the female population, Nick Brown is nothing but a single, successful, handsome walking bank account. They don't want to look beyond the appearances, and he’s tired of all this superficiality surrounding him. 

After being burned by his latest relationship, he is at the point of giving up. But that is when fate places single mom, Emma Campbell and her six-year-old daughter in his path.

Their instant connection surprises all but with fate playing a wicked game of truth and dare. Will they be strong enough to survive the test of time and challenging circumstances, or will it damage them beyond repair?

(All books in the Irresistible Series are standalone.)
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