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Forbidden love won’t stop me from finding her and making her mine


I live a luxurious, protected life. I know I’m naïve. My controlling father watches me like a hawk. He’s a powerful man with endless connections. He’s also strict. If his employees so much as glance at me, they disappear. If I glance at them, they’re fired. So, I keep my eyes down and my thoughts to myself. It works. Most of the time. Except with Damon.


I have a job to do. Goals. They don’t include the beautiful young temptress who struts around her father’s compound showing far too much skin. I can’t be distracted by her. It doesn’t matter that her smile lights up a room or that her voice melts me. My priorities have been set in stone for years. I will not be distracted.

I’m working against the clock, but not fast enough. When the compound is raided, everyone is murdered. Except Gemma. There’s no body. I will find her, even if it takes years. And I will stop at nothing to get her back. No price tag is too high to buy her freedom.

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