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Lumai LLWC - Going to Public Places and Parade with HighHeels at Public Square

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Lumai LLWC - Going to Public Places and Parade with HighHeels at Public Square

Lumai changes clothes puts on a dress. Adjust your crutches with a comfortable flat sandal.

Leave the Hotel, take the elevator, look at yourself in the mirror, admire the plaster cast, enter the elevator.

She uses the side access to get out of the hotel where as the plaster is fresh she doesn't put her foot on the floor uses crutches 100%.

She arrives at a large square where, right at the entrance, a large staircase where she climbs with all the caution in the world.

He walks in the center of the square where he attracts looks and sits on the bench where he rests all the plaster on him.

He starts to caress the plaster and after resting for a while he begins his walk through this large and modern square where he then sits on a beautiful bench and takes from his bag a very high sandal where he wants to provoke and make a parade for his future fans upon discovering the fetish for hair. plaster too.

She puts on her sandals, helps her crutches again, and walks in a very sexy, high-heeled sandal across the square.

then he goes to the car and goes back to the hotel to rest from this long day, all without touching the ground.

There are 25 minutes of videos that contain scenes from:

- changing clothes

- lingerie

- foot care

- crutches adjustment

- walking without touching the ground

- going to a public place

- going up and down big stairs in public square

- public square

- wearing heels on the street

- footwork scenes

- parading with a beautiful heeled sandal.

You will get a MP4 (2GB) file
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