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99. assignment (evaporation)

So here is the thing, I searched all over the internet for this but all the sources say that I need wind because the process of evaporation goes as follow: Water particles at the top layer with highest levels of energy (which they take from lower layers) are trying to break free and jump up. When they meet air particles with enough energy, they take that energy and use it to break the bonds with the other liquid- thus escaping and turning into a gas.

Now my question is, what if I got no wind? What if instead I just put a heating coil close to the surface of the liquid which is in a barrel (i.e not touching the water)? Would my liquid just boil? Or maybe the energy from the coil would transfer to top layer first, giving it enough energy to escape (and cool the rest of the liquid)? What if the barrel closed? What if it is open?

All of the internet sources say that I have to have air movement, does this mean that my scenario won't work? Also, if it would, does that mean that the energy required to make the water dissapear with evaporation is lower than with boling?

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