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Breach of the peace

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★★★★ “There’s a real feel for the period and understanding of the lives of these early Irish rebels, and the politicking between men jostling for power and position is complex, fascinating and makes for great fictional drama.”  - Reedsy Discovery

A gripping action packed historical thriller set in the rebellion in Ireland in the 1590s.

In the wild lands of Ireland, the embers of the Irish rebellion still burn bright. Eunan Maguire seemingly has all he ever dreamed of, a command in the rebel army, a prestigious marriage to cement a Maguire alliance and control of his family lands. But all is not well for such lofty heights bring much responsibility and many enemies.

Eunan discovers a significant downside to his marriage for he needs to live up to the expectations of his new father-in-law. War returns and he also must prove himself worthy of the position he has been given for to contemplate defeat would be the end of the clan. Stifling the greed and ambition of the Sheriff of Sligo, he has made him his mortal enemy.

In the meantime, a friendship wanes for Seamus MacSheehy but the return of the war throws them back together again. Both will have their loyalties tested to the limit.

Will Eunan prove himself or be overwhelmed by his multitude of enemies? Will the Sheriff of Sligo get his revenge on Eunan? Will Seamus be able to put aside the past for him to succeed? Who will survive the ultimate test of loyalty?

Breach of the peace is the third book in the epic Irish historical fiction Exiles series. It is set against the backdrop of the Elizabethan wars in Ireland in the 1590s. A world of Irish clans, their politics and the fight for supremacy, where spies and intrigue prosper, where the embers burn for a rebellion against the English crown. If you love fast-paced action and adventure orientated historical fiction, then you will love this book.

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