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Traitor Maguire

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★★★★ “A must read addition to the Exiles series that leaves you wanting more,” "has to be the most exciting of the books so far," - Reedsy Discovery
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“C.R. Dempsey is an extraordinary storyteller who paints a fascinating tapestry of the turbulent time in Irish history, a setting that is stunningly imagined and vividly constructed, allowing readers detailed images of the clashes between the rebels and the English crown, the betrayals, and espionage that characterized the political atmosphere of the time.” – The Book Commentary
“'Traitor Maguire' has its full quota of gory and blood-soaked action, shadowy double-dealing and intrigue and bursts of dialogue that are as Irish as the peat in this rip-roaring book.” – The Historical Fiction Company

Eunan's meteoric rise through the Maguire nobility was nothing short of remarkable. After ascending from obscurity to marry the woman he loved, his loyalty to his clan and the rebellion against England remained steadfast.

But no sooner has he reached his pinnacle of success, than enemies within his own faction make their move. Captured and left for dead in the Maguire's jail, they plot to surrender the entire clan to English tyranny.

Meanwhile, Seamus has chosen a different path; one of daring action and adventure as he attempts to reclaim the lost glory of the MacSheehy clan. Caught up in a never-ending war, he struggles to balance the passion of redemption with the bonds that tie him still to his kin and Eunan.
Will the shared bonds of family compel Seamus to rescue his kin, or will these ties be severed by gunfire and violence?
In Traitor Maguire, readers will be immersed in the thrilling battles of 1590s Ireland. Political espionage and deception permeate this captivating tale as Irish clans attempt to gain supremacy over English rule. In this epic story of courage and honour, who will ultimately prevail?
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