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Uprising: two kingdoms, one wedding and the hangman's noose

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Fully action-packed, this pulls you further into Eunan and Seamus's story; making you question who to support the whole way through,” – Reedsy Discovery

★★★★ “Another action-packed adventure filled with rich historical information about Ireland in the 16th century embedded in the storyline,”

“for anyone who loves GOT stories, well this has it all – including a bloody battle at a wedding ceremony,”The Historical Fiction Company

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “a real page-turner that leaves readers wanting more,”

“The conflict between the Crown and natives is brilliantly and elaborately written, the characters are rock-solid and relatable, and the plot is twisty as it can get,” – The Book Commentary

1594. Darkness reigns as Ireland is faltering under the crushing force of the English crown. Amidst a crashing storm of fire and steel, Eunan battles for his village's freedom. His family’s past has come back to haunt them with the English crown pillaging the countryside. He faces a formidable enemy, not just the forces of the crown, but also his own family.  Eunan is forced out of hiding and takes up arms against his oppressors. He seeks to reclaim his family lands and turn them from supporting the crown to joining him in the fight for freedom. Eunan must take control of his family's lands or risk seeing the cause vanish forever.

Meanwhile, Seamus finds himself in a moral dilemma. He must choose between protecting his own kin or aiding the rebellion; however, he cannot do both, for the consequences could mean death for either.

Uprising is the second book in the Exiles series and an adrenaline-packed historical adventure set amidst the chaos of 16th century Ireland. A thrilling tale of intrigue, family divides, espionage, rivalries and betrayals, this novel will have you enthralled until the final pages. If you're looking for a gritty adventure drama rooted in history, then this book is sure to satisfy.

Get ready for fast-paced action, adventure and danger as the embers of rebellion burn brighter than ever before!
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