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AVENGER Skin Retrovenger

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Classics Never Die

We've updated the skin with some mods: glossy keys, other lcd font colors, other edit screen colors, wood texture change, metal strips, ...

VERSION FOR AVENGER 1.5.5 and 2.0.5


Minimum requirement: VPS Avenger 1.5.5 and higher

Format: ZIPPED .av_skin file

Installing the skin:

1. Find and open your Avenger content directory

(see Avenger > SYS > CONTENT > Factory Library location)

2. Add a folder /Skins if it doesn't exist

3. UNZIP the av_skin file into the /Skins folder.

4. Reload Avenger and select your new skin.

5. Reload Avenger again. Voila !

Install video

You will get a TXT (115B) file