Mandolin Video Lesson: Pentatonic Roadmaps 1

by Bradley Laird

Pentatonic Roadmaps Part 1 is a downloadable video lesson that begins by teaching a basic version of Amazing Grace using only pentatonic scale notes. Next, I explain in detail how to transpose the song to other keys using pentatonic roadmaps.

This lesson is the first part of a series of 2 lessons which will teach you to play your mandolin in the keys of A, Bb, B, C, D, E, F, and G. The lesson includes a .pdf file with tab, standard notation, and my pentatonic roadmap charts. You also receive an MP3 rhythm practice track for each key taught.

The ability to play in multiple keys is especially important when accompanying singers. While some folks might say "Why do I want to learn Amazing Grace in 8 keys?" and I would only say "This is not about learning that song--though you will learn it--it is about learning to play your instrument!" This material is so vital I had to split it up in 2 lessons to get it all properly covered. Have fun and don't forget Part 2.

You will get a ZIP (94MB) file.

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$ 8.00

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