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Understanding Your Grief E-Book/Workbook

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This 30-page Workbook/E-Book is designed to help you understand, explore, and heal as you grieve.

Chapters Include:

What Is Grief

Coping Strategies

Why Are People So Bad At Supporting Grievers?

Feeling Connected To Your Loved One

Journal Prompts

In this Workbook/E-Book, grief therapist and college professor Jenni Brennan explores various aspect of the grieving process and provides strategies for managing your grief in a way that feels right for you. 

Each topic is paired with 2 corresponding journal prompts and 2 specific tasks for the reader to focus on as they move through this stage of their life with a heavy heart. 

***While this Workbook/E-Book was designed to work as a stand alone product, it can also be paired with Jenni's 5-part "Understanding Your Grief" Online Series.*** 

To purchase the Workbook/E-Book WITH the Understanding Your Grief Online Series, click HERE
You will get a PDF (32MB) file