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Death by the Sea - Audiobook

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Audiobook. Narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent, delivered by BookFunnel

A well-kept secret, a bathing machine and a dead body

Eliza Thomson Investigates…

July 1905: A family holiday to the seaside, at Brighton’s most prestigious hotel, promises to be a grand affair. And bumping into an old friend adds to the excitement.

But when a body is discovered in one of the beach's bathing machines, all plans are put on hold. Eliza needs to know what happened.

Despite the police insisting the death was accidental, Eliza is convinced it’s more sinister, but when she suggests it was murder, they refuse to listen. Until they have no choice…

As the police struggle to find a motive for the death, the investigation appears to be going nowhere. But when they make Eliza and Archie their prime suspects, Eliza takes things into her own hands.

Determined to clear their names, Eliza and Connie search for answers, only to discover a dreadful secret … and someone desperate for revenge.

This is the seventh standalone story in the Eliza Thomson Investigates series. If you like Miss Marple-style murder mysteries, and women sleuths with attitude, you’ll love this historical British series.

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NB. This series is written in UK English

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