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Welcome to the 24th issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. In this issue inspirational interviews four contemporary artists, as well as featuring the work of another. There is also a range of articles featuring music and aspects of what it is to be a contemporary artist today.

interview: Jette Clover. An artist that uses mixed media and textiles in the representation of the human visual language of text, words, thoughts and ideas. Words as graffiti, posters, protest can appear to be transient, but words have the sticking power of generations. Jette gives an insightful and revealing glimpse of her work through a wide-ranging interview for Inspirational.

artwork spread: Dimosthenis Prodromou. A visual artist that works in collage, constructing figurative and portrait work from paper that ranges from coloured, to patterned, to word, building up a unique and dynamic visual effect. He gives an exclusive view of his work to Inspirational.

interview: Xaq Iria. An artist that has no bounds. Painting, sculpture, photography, poetry, film, music, performance, and more. Xaq is definitely a multimedia artist, one that revels in new challenges, new horizons. He gives a great and exclusive interview to Inspirational.

feature/interview: Africobra. (African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists) is an African-American artists' collective formed in Chicago in 1968. It was and is a fundamental vehicle in the development of the Black Arts Movement. The article is written by, and two of the founders of Africobra are interviewed for Inspirational, by the artist, writer, filmmaker Raquel Glusman.

feature: Conceptual Abstraction. The artist, writer, broadcaster and computer game developer Mark Sheeky discusses the idea of bringing the formalism and structure of classical music to that of visual art. He has added a ‘painting sonata’ of his own in order to give a practical demonstration.

feature: Bio-Blood.  The history of Bio-Blood is part of the history of Xaq Iria. His musical catalogue is impressive, creative, diverse. Inspirational takes a good look at the creative Bio-Blood music albums of Xaq Iria. 

feature: 30 years of the www. The editor of Inspirational john Hopper, reflects on the 30th anniversary of the world wide web. How it has changed the way us, kept us the same, and how artists have and can make changes in the www that we find ourselves in.

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