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Home and Abroad International Student Experiences and Graduate Employability

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In this book, we explore the socio-political environment that impacts international students’ employability and discuss student experiences of employability development during and after their studies. The book also aims to provide a holistic understanding of international student employability on a global scale, incorporating various higher education contexts, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Vietnam, and Japan. This book includes both conceptualizations of international students who participate in “internationalization abroad” through physically crossing the border and those who participate in “internationalization at home’’. 

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Xin Zhao (Skye) is a university teacher in the Information School at the University of Sheffield (UK) and a senior fellow of HEA. E-mail:

Michael Kung is the Director of Global Education and the Program Director for the Sustainable Design Master’s program in the College of Design, Construction, and Planning at the University of Florida (USA). E-mail:

Krishna Bista is a Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Advanced Studies, Leadership and Policy at Morgan State University, Maryland (USA). E-mail: 

Yingyi Ma is a Professor of Sociology, Provost Faculty Fellow, and the Director of Asian/Asian American Studies at Syracuse University, New York (USA). E-mail:
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