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My Neighbor Is a Slut & How to Turn Your Wife Bi or Lesbian: Two Fun Lesbian Stories

Lisa rolled her eyes seeing the moving van pull up. She didn't want a neighbor. She enjoyed not having anybody next door bothering her. For two years, she was able to run her business out of her home, and not have to worry about anybody else. 
The last neighbor had been a thorn in her side, so she promptly made sure that he left her alone... for good. He moved him and his family out of this town quickly, before she told his wife his little secret. She giggled to herself. She really hated what a pain in the ass he had been to her, but remembering what had gone down, made her smile and feel good all over. 

Lisa was a dominatrix. She did this for a living. She had ads on all kinds of websites, advertising what she did. She never mentioned that she required each man to bring money with them when they wanted services, but once she got their personal information, and verified that they weren't any form of law enforcement, she would tell them on the phone that if they wanted her to take charge of their life, and not tell their secret, they had to bring her $300 for their first session, which only lasted 30 minutes. 

These men did this, because by this time, she knew their wives names, addresses, phone numbers, where they worked, their bosses name and phone numbers, colleagues, classmates, whatever it was that she needed. If they tried telling her that they refused, she jacked the price up, and threatened to make the phone calls. Let's just say, she never had a man not show up to the first showing, and only one man in her entire three years of being a professional dominatrix not show up more than once.

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