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     In Troy Anderson's newest book Journey, Troy takes the reader through his personal journey in the magical arts, teaching every sleight and trick he has created along the way. 

     Journey is not simply an instructional book about tricks and sleights however. Troy also shares his philosophy on magic throughout 5 essays, describing the importance of performance, the magic industry, psychology during performance, and why magic is one of the most crucial and beautiful arts one could practice. Journey takes the reader through the nearly 7 years of blood, sweat, tears, and insanity which Troy gutted through to modernize and simplify classics such as Triumph, Here and There, and even an engaging Oil and Water! (Finally). 

     Table of Contents:

  • Creator: An Ambitious Card routine that makes the spectator believe they are becoming a magician themself!
  • Saint's Breather: An impromptu breather crimp that can be done on the fly. No more leaving the room to set up a breather!
  • Geek Switch: One of Troy's favorite card switches that shows both hands empty throughout the switch with absolutely no lapping.
  • First Break: A break from tricks and sleights to share 2 essays; Inspiring the Younger Generations, and Why Magic Companies aren't Shitty.
  • The Hermes Turnover: A Half-Pass in the action of a deck flip. Useful in combination with any dropping techniques.
  • Knack: A breathtaking utilization of the Top Shot in order to seemingly materialize a selected card in-between the spectator and magician's palms.
  • The Lion: Troy's take on the classic Here and There plot, with NO double lifts, and NO duplicates. This is one of his favorites.
  • Rebel's Triumph: Troy's take on the classic Triumph effect that creates a real and believable purpose for shuffling the deck face up into face down. There is also no fancy shuffling, or overly complex displays that retract from the original handling. This is Troy's favorite non-stack effect.
  • Second Break: 2 essays including; Theory on How We Should Perform and Why, and Teaching Oneself to be Creative.
  • The Top Change: Troy's take on the Top Change which makes the move have more purpose, and even more deceptive. If you like the classic Top Change, you will love this section!
  • An Inbred Nightmare: A deceptive combination of the Double Lift and Top Change that will decieve the most observant audiences.
  • Pride: Troy's favorite effect in all of magic. Pride is a take on the Pulse trick, but with no forces, marks, and a completely shuffled pack! This is Troy's most performed effect due to the fact that it allows a true connection to be formed between magician and spectator, and has caused spectator's to cry as a result of this apparent connection to their pulse (I'm not kidding). 
  • A Thoughtful Beginning: A card is named by the spectator. The spectator cuts the deck and flip over the card they cut to. It is the card they named. Troy utilizes this simple, yet effective trick in order to begin a transition into more hands-off effects such as Pride.
  • One-Handed Half-Faro Shuffle: Troy didn't see much promise in this effect until several magicians at Tannen's Magic Shop implored him to explore it further. In this dextrous feat, the deck is halfway faro shuffled in the action of a one-handed shuffle.
  • Final Essay: In this final essay, Troy describes why he performs, as well as the adversity he has faced along his journey in the magical arts. He describes the different "phases" he went through that I'm sure most, if not all magicians will fondly relate to. Troy also describes the miseries he has faced which have pushed him to become the best magician and person he can possibly be. 



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