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Get Your Mind Right Series

Everything starts in the mind. It is our mind, in its attempt to make sense of what has happened in past relationships, that creates stories that keep us doubtful and afraid to be who we really are. Get Your Mind Right is a rallying cry for Truth from a Higher more empowered vantage point.

Some things will make you feel like dancing, while others will make you want to tear my eyes! Regardless, if it shakes you from complacency and gets you involved in your own becoming, I've been successful.

This 4-part series includes:

I Object! It explains how we as women have turned the tables and are now objectifying men. No, it's not Magic Mike XXL! There's a more subtle yet just as blatant disrespect that's going on.

Tell Yourself The Truth! You Wanted to Have Sex With Him. The title says it all. For too long, we women have cried victim and lied to ourselves about what really happened.

Do You Have Know Insurance? Unlike no insurance, know insurance is full coverage. It's knowing your worth, knowing what you want, knowing how to recognize it when it shows up and knowing how to let it go when it doesn't.

The Good Woman Needs An Overhaul. Gone are the days when the definition of a good woman meant she had a good job, went to church and could make a mean pot roast. While that's all wonderful, that alone does not make you a good woman.

Take Your Heart Back. Closure is the reason many a perplexed woman gives for not having moved on from a failed relationship.  While resolution is necessary in order for one to move on, needing the person who hurt you to answer what was left unanswered or to finish what was unfinished is not.    


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