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Communicate To Motivate: Ignite Attitudes, Actions & Achievements

By Jamie Cox

“Communicate to Motivate" hits it right out of the park for me. During my 21 year career as an airline supervisor, we were “treated” to a lot of motivational seminars and gatherings.   I hated them!  Most of them were expensive corporate pep-rallies. They generated a lot of noise and fluff. Most company leaders and executives assume that all it takes to motivate someone is enthusiasm and a great reward (and punishment) system. Jamie Cox blows the lid right off this simplistic view. He examines why motivation often fails, then he details why the way we communicate determines our success. I have used his practice to help motivate my kids, to coach soccer, basketball and to deal with sales in my business. The results have been amazing! Thanks Mr. Cox, for making this book accessible to people like me who really need it.
Jim Sappington  Owner – Promotional Express

“I LOVVE it! You put everything anyone needs to attain their goals. It’s all there in an easy to read and comprehensive format. I particularly liked your communication section. I’m impressed in how insightful and easy it’s now going to be for me to motivate others. Very well done!”                                                            Mike Greif  Digital Video/TV Production Instructor  Tri-Tech Skills Center

"I am finding my communication with employees has improved in several ways; it is more interactive and purposeful, we are addressing pertinent issues AND we are goal oriented.  Team work and moral have also improved.  WOW, what a difference this procedure of communicating motivation has made!”

"Specialized steps of building communication and motivation are highlighted in relevant life experiences in this book. My clients and I benefit from the vivid illustrations of communicating with an effective motivation rapport. This is a highly effective procedural approach for change, improvements and goal triumphs."
Cindy Fransen, MSW, LICSW of Therapeutic Innovations Clinical Services

“Jamie’s practice gives the reader a unique look at communication and is a great resource for motivating a more productive, less stressful environment at work or at home.”
Matt Nash  Marketing & Sales Coordinator  West Richland Area Chamber of Commerce

Motivation is the magic bullet. Pull the trigger and you'll hit the fame and fortune bullseye! Productivity and profits soar!

Yet, countless leaders, managers and supervisors miss the mark. Plain and simple, if you fail to effectively communicate motivation, you and your people are on the slippery slope of mediocrity.

How do you talk motivation? What is your idea of getting people to do what needs to be done? Is it cajoling? Demanding? Do you resort to temporary temptations like incentives or rewards? Does your motivation descend into bribes, threats and punishments?
What are your results? Do your people pursue success or surrender to stress? Do they exclaim with excitement or exit with excuses? There is a huge difference in attitudes and behaviors that achieve, and those that just go through the motions.

Imagine having the abilities to attract support, inspire loyalty and generate results that rally the bottom line. Life gets exciting when your people find work more fulfilling and deeply rewarding day after day. This happens when you take the initiative to learn more effective skills for communicating motivation.
Communicate to Motivate: Ignite Attitudes, Actions & Achievements delivers your magic bullet. It hits the bullseye of how to sustain passion and productivity so teams stay in partnership with your objectives.

You can learn how to motivate your people to do better, be better and bond together to accomplish success.
Buy, read and apply Communicate to Motivate. Discover how the way you communicate makes or breaks motivation. Then measure your success as you implement this procedural practice of specialized communication and emotional intelligence skills into your management style.

If you find that this book doesn’t deliver cooperation, teamwork and the productive pursuit of a bullseye, I WILL refund 100% of your purchase. No other book on motivation dares to guarantee results. Communicate to Motivate does. Buy it now! You have my personal promise of satisfaction.

Jamie Cox

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