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Percent Problems Pack #1 (GROWING BUNDLE)

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Need a resource to help your student practice their understanding of finding percents?

This product contains 11 pages with 44 problems and answers focusing on finding a percent and percent change. These worksheets are perfect for students in Algebra 1 who are learning about percents, looking to master the concepts, or preparing for a standardized test. The difficulty of the material is intended for students in the 7th grade and up.
NOTE: This is a growing bundle, and more resources will be added to this resource over time. The following concepts are planned to be added to this bundle:
  • Converting percents to decimals and fractions (and vice versa)
  • Finding percents word problems
  • Using proportions to find percents

Subject: Finding a percent and percent change (Algebra)
Pages: 11 (44 questions and answers)
Difficulty: 7th grade and up
Concepts tested:
  • Percent Change
  • Finding a percent
  • Using proportions
  • Reading closely
  • Understanding word problems

Resources Included:
  1. Finding a Percent - Set 1
  2. Percent Change Word Problems - Set 1
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (140KB)
  • PDF (153KB)

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