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The Lovable Devil Tricks on Branding

Description...Lovable Devil Tricks on Branding, an Introduction

"Usual Suspect”: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist...

We never realize that so many great brands have shaped and controlled our mind and perception. They just can easily playing our emotions then lead customer behavior. I’m not going to debate these strategies is good or evil, but one thing for sure that these three branding methods are awesome.
Subliminal Advertising, Brand Utility and their combination Anchor Branding did a pretty good job. There are so many people that refuse to believe that those techniques have ability to modifies behavior invisibly, channels basic value systems, manages human motives, playing their emotions with major purpose shaping customer’s mind and perception.
The brand messages are being bombarded at customers continuously throughout the day, through books, movies, magazines, television, radio gaming and music. And we feel nothing’s wrong with that and it is like we loosing something if not engaging with them. That is the key of awesomeness of those techniques.
Then how can something that we don't notice affect customer behavior? Well, unheeded doesn't mean unseen. Simply let us first understand how our perception works. As we know, our mind consists of two interacting parts: conscious and subconscious.
The subconscious part of mind operates below the level of conscious awareness; it controls reflexes, automatic functions and handles the processing and storing of incoming information. Sub consciousness is able to process 20,000 bits of information simultaneously, while consciousness can deal only with 7 ± 2 bits of information at the same time.
Subliminal Advertising, Brand Utility and Anchor Branding play on the Subconscious Mind zone with their great engaging concept. And throughout this book we will accompany you understand the tricks, the awesome and loveable Devil Tricks.

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