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The Guardians of Illusion

The Guardians of Illusion - Book 1

Those you never knew shared the world with you, cannot become extinct.

That’s the paradox that brings together Niven and Ambrosia. She’s combing the beach for treasure when he walks out buff-naked from the surf. She’s an orthopedic surgeon and sees a collection of best limbs and musculature she’s ever come across. He’s a descendant of Avendar explorers stranded on Earth eight thousand years ago. He’s suddenly not sure he wants to keep walking towards a woman he’d secretly monitored for fifteen years. But he must…because if he doesn’t she’d not live through the night.

Avendars have always interfered into civilizations developing in the “wilderness.” Many such interventions were sanctioned by the High Council. Many more were not. Niven’s is a legal mission – but nothing else he chooses to do is. He has watched Dr. Ambrosia Severn for years as if he’d walked beside her. He knows her habits and hobbies, likes and dislikes, dreams and ambitions, but particularly her demons. And the moment he walks out of the surf on a secluded beach in upstate California, he knows he has broken every single rule and regulation that features in the Avendar laws. But it’ll take him a while to admit it.

 Ambrosia Severn is a talented young orthopedic surgeon, about to branch off in an exciting new direction in the field of limb replacement. That’s precisely why a predatory Siren wants her dead. And the man sent to keep Amy alive is the Siren’s betrothed.

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