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Bank Secrecy is dead
Financial Privacy is dead
Find out how to stay below the radar

You'll learn how:
  • financial privacy is a basic right
  • the last decade a whirlwind went to the banking sector
  • global mechanisms terminate your privacy
  • offshore companies have become useless for privacy purposes
  • to circumvent global reporting mechanisms
  • stay below the CRS radar
Yulia C. Keating

Bank Secrecy is dead. Financial Privacy is dead. Find out how to stay below the radar. This book explains in detail how global mechanisms terminated bank secrecy and financial privacy in general. tt ofers explosive content on gaining back your precious privacy and reveals radical and unheard ways to stay below the CRS radar.

Financial Privacy 2020 by Yulia Keating, book review

In an era where the Swiss gave up their bank secret, where a classic Panamanian offshore company has become useless and where the Cayman Islands automatically exchange your bank information, author Yulia Keating writes a refreshing book on the current status of financial Privacy.
"Financial Privacy 2020" Bank Secrecy is dead. Financial Privacy is dead.

Find out how to stay below the radar.

In the first part of the book, she makes a strong case as to why financial Privacy is essential to all of us. The second part of the book zooms in on all recent new mechanisms that undo your financial Privacy. The cherry on the cake, is the part where she talks about ways to circumvent the above mechanisms and how to reinstate your Financial Privacy. Some of these methods are no less than explosive. They are so delicate that miss Keating was reluctant to publish the book on her own, and she turned to the 'Financial Privacy Network' to do the publishing for her. The book is written in very accessible language and gives plenty of practical, real-life examples.

About the author

Yulia Keating, formed initially as a general economist, started her career in the golden offshore era. She started working as a professional with an international service provider incorporating companies and branches for clients. She worked herself up to managing director of one of the leading players in the industry.

After the implosion caused by the infamous 'Panama Papers,' Yulia left the offshore service provider business and concentrated on writing and researching low tax solutions and privacy matters.
In 2019 she published three controversial books: 'Financial Privacy 2020, Avoid Tax, Now! and Asset Protection and Hiding Wealth.'

She is now a member of the restricted think-tank 'Financial Privacy Network' and prefers to work in the background for a limited amount of high net worth individuals, write, and spend more time with her family.
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