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This is the second booklet in a new sequence called "Financial Secrecy, the Blueprint series"

In Blueprint 1, "Avoid Tax, Now'" Yulia Keating explained how to reduce your tax bill drastically.

you'll learn:

  • how your assets are under siege
  • that governments want to get a total grip on your wealth
  • how to protect your assets
  • how to keep your assets out of sight
  • 3 detailed case studies where clients implement the above strategies
In this volume, it is time to zoom in on the protection of the assets required. One of the ways is to hide your Wealth and render it invisible to all possible threats.

She presents the reader with 3 case studies. In one of the cases, the beneficiary completely disappears from the face of the earth with all his assets

About the author

Yulia Keating, formed initially as a general economist, started her career in the golden offshore era. She started working as a professional with an international service provider incorporating companies and branches for clients. She worked herself up to managing director of one of the leading players in the industry.

After the implosion caused by the infamous 'Panama Papers,' Yulia left the offshore service provider business and concentrated on writing and researching low tax solutions and privacy matters.
In 2019 she published three controversial books: 'Financial Privacy 2020, Avoid Tax, Now! and Asset Protection and Hiding Wealth.'

She is now a member of the restricted think-tank 'Financial Privacy Network' and prefers to work in the background for a limited amount of high net worth individuals, write, and spend more time with her family.

You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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