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What You Do In The Dark Must Come To Light

By Alphamale Publishing
The funny thing about life is that it has a mind of its own. History often repeats itself, as far as businesses, cars, clothes, fads, and most of all, the things we do in the dark. We can do something 10 years ago and somehow it finds its way back to the light, after we thought we did it in the dark with the doors closed. There are parts of this world that have darkness for up to 6 months. Just when you get used to the secrets you do in the dark, as God says, let there be light. Then here comes the light you want to forget exists. Alaska has the darkness most of us are looking for, but light has a life as well as the dark. So no matter what one does in the dark, light is right around the corner awaiting its time to shine. Think about it, that’s what it does when the truth comes out. It shines a whole new light. The light tends to shine the brightest light on all the darkest situations of life. Is it something that just happens, or is it destiny, that what we do in the dark must come to the light? For there are times one might do something and get away, but yet he turns around and tells on himself out of guilt or righteousness. Some say both are out of stupidity. I, personally, would never tell on myself because of the two issues of guilt and shame. Most call this stupidity. Everyone makes mistakes; that’s why there is an eraser on the end of a pencil. But I think I’ll just have to think before I speak, rather than speak before I think. Just remember: whatever you do in the dark, the light is definitely coming. This is a fact, and not a thought.

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