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DIFF Devices - ASPECT V1

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DIFF Devices


All-in-one Analyser/Metering device for use in Ableton Live.

Clearly view your frequency spectrum of your audio and compare against 4 target curves representing popular music genres.

If your music spectrum is in the target that you selected, your music will sound great in every soundsystem.


- Spectrum Analyser with target curves. (EDM, POP, RNB and HIP-HOP)

- Displays Integrated LUFS, True Peak.

- Waveform Display with Horizontal and Vertical zoom.

- Loudness Targets

- Phase Correlation Meter

- Float window

* Only works in Ableton Live with Max instaled
* It Requires Ableton Live V10.1 (minimum)
You will get a ZIP (2MB) file
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