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About This Book

  • This book is designed such as each step within the chapters and to the order of the chapters. If you skip around or don't finish some of the steps, you'll deny yourself the full benefit of the book. For the best result, just take your time to read and reflect from the beginning to the end of the book.
    Each person's BLUEPRINT of vision, strength, heart's passion, abilities, personality and experience will be somewhat unique. You must make a choice to take a chance or your LiFE will never change.
  • Knowing your Vision & desire
  • Knowing your Strength & talents
  • Knowing your Heart's passion & values
  • Knowing your Abilities & skills
  • Knowing your Personality & pattern
  • Knowing your Experience & knowledge
    You're a unique person with a unique set of circumstances, and your input is vital to your career decision process.


What do professionals review about this book:

Easwaramoorthy Rangaswamy, Principal, Amity Global Business School

“This book makes an attempt to understand "YOU" better and re-strategize your Talents and Values to lead a passionate "PLUS" life. It helps in ushering a new "YOU" and channelizes "YOU" towards an enriching and valuable life. It transforms or rather is like a launching pad to elevate "YOU" into a new dimension and benchmark. This book uncurls and unfurls "YOUR" career deluge and prioritizes "YOUR" passion in making "YOUR" life.”

Kudligi Sathyanarayanamurthy Raghuram, Professor, Amity Global Business School

"In this contemporaneous stressed, depressed and well dressed general community, this book sheds a ray of hope in understanding life by widening ones horizon. It serves as ones SWOT analysis and allows to approach life with well defined perspective and trajectory. This book is an definite and sincere attempt to take people closer to the art and science of good living"


Adrin Loi, Executive Chairman, Ya Kun International Pte Ltd

“With clarity and insight, William Sim exposits a comprehensive yet comprehensible framework for self-discovery and self-actualisation in this book. He guides and stimulates his readers to uncover their strengths, understand their potential and optimise their capabilities (abilities) to make informed and impactful decisions in their careers and the other areas of their lives as well.”


Billy Teoh, Double Diamond Director, Jeunesse Global Holdings, LLC.

“William Sim is absolutely right: You need to find the plus factor of the blueprint for your LiFEcareerTM! Here’s the tool to help you take your LiFE to the next level. This book acts as a guide to help you to discover your vision, strength, inner passion, abilities, personalities and experience in order to unleash your potential and purpose in your LiFE. Knowledge in this book helps, unleashing distributors’ potential, whether they are old or new. I highly recommend Find the Plus Factor for your LiFEcareerTM success. ”

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