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The Underwater Birds

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For some, running away to join the circus is a dream, but for others it’s a last chance for redemption and survival. Traverse the harsh American landscape from the 1930s to the 1960s along with Ringmaster, Sam O’Reilly, and his self-proclaimed, ‘Greatest Show on Earth’.

Behind the mesmerising display of big-top daring tricks, animals, and clowns, are the people. Meet One-Eyed Pete and the tattooed Madeleine, the Midway act ‘Beauty & the Beast’; Lee and Kwan, the singing Siamese Twins; Madame O and her mysteriously telling tarot; and Dalvinder Singh, who charms his King Cobra nightly into submission. Each one with a backstory of pain, heartache and skeletons locked away. 

In 1962, as Sam lies dying, his circus family pay homage. Revelations unravel, fate unearths a secret, and life takes a twist. For some, everything changes, but for most, the show must go on.
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