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Fly Repellent and Healing Salve

My fly repellent salve is 100% all natural and prefect for donkeys that dislike fly spray. It's also a great added protection to the legs and ears of the donkey. These are areas that fly spray rarely helps.

I make my salve with a base of olive oil, and beeswax infused with comfrey. Comfrey is very healing to the skin. This aids in healing insect and fly bites. I also use it for scrapes and other minor wounds.
It includes essential oils of Tea Tree and Cedar for their antibacterial and fly/insect repelling properties. 

You have the option of a 4oz jar or an 8 oz jar of the salve. Price includes shipping!!!

Olive oil, comfrey, bees wax, essential oils of tea tree and cedar.

*Pls note: I use real comfrey leaves to make this product, so there may be tiny bits of leaves that get through during the straining process.

Fringed Fly Veil