Biblical Egyptology

by Daniel G. McCrillis, Th.D.

See in this amazing book how the Bible and Egyptology have a wonderful correlation.  From the studies of Egyptology, learn about the Pyramid Era in light of the Holy Scriptures, the three famines in Genesis, the hospitality of Egypt, Israel’s bondage, and the betrayal of the Hyksos.  Answer the following questions, as you discover why Egypt’s geography and contributions are important to modern-day theological thought. 

  • How Does Ancient Egypt Fit in with the Scriptures?
  • Is the Great Pyramid Mentioned in Scripture?
  • Is Moses Mentioned in the Secular Record of Egyptology?
  • Is there a Workable Model in the 18th Dynasty for the Exodus?
  • Is the Shift Theory Credible? Is the Late Date Theory Workable? Is the Early Date Theory Scriptural?
  • Find out why the Common Date Theory is the Most Probable!
  • The Bible Gives us Three Dates for Israel’s Sojourning in Egypt. Which One is Accurate, or are they All?
  • Did Pharaoh Die in the Red Sea?
  • What is Significant about Sothic Dating?
  • How could the Most Primitive Civilization Possess Such Great Intelligence to Build the Pyramids, Chart the Stars, etc.?
  • Was Hatshepsut Moses’ Step Mother?
  • Who was the Pharaoh of the Oppression?
  • Who was the Pharaoh of the Red Sea Episode?
  • Is there a Biblical 40-Year Marker in Egyptology’s Record?
  • Is there a Biblical 80-Year Marker in Egyptology’s Record? 

This book will take you on an archeological expedition in search for the Bible’s Egyptian epochs as it unlocks mysteries that – before now – were unpublished and widely unknown.  It will unravel two blocks of time: one, which spans the flood of Noah to Abraham’s Covenant, and the second, covering Abraham’s Covenant to the Exodus.  In addition, we will unveil the Biblical Pharaohs of the Exodus and a possible identity of Moses in his Egyptian life.  In the end, you will find out all this is only the beginning to the magnificent study of Biblical Egyptology!

A Must for Every Bible Student!

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