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It is Well: A Study of Motherhood in Times of Crisis E-PUB Version

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As mothers, it is our destiny to face tragedy or crisis of some kind. There is no rule book that says mothers must outlive their children, or that a young mother will not lose a spouse in the early years of a marriage. There is no law that declares that motherhood is a bed of roses – in fact, where there are roses, there must be thorns. Along with the sweet comes the salty, the sour or the bitter. While we would love to avoid crises and tragedies, that is not our lot. The rain falls on the just and the unjust.

Author, Julie Christiansen will introduce you to several women whose stories, although brief, are more than a simple footnote in the pages of Bible history. In addition to the stories from matriarchs of old, you will hear three tales from mothers of modern times including Julie herself, sharing their stories of tragedy, crisis, grief, and recovery. In her conversational style of storytelling as coaching, Julie shares with readers how even in times of crisis, mothers of faith can move from being bitter to being blessed.
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