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I Don't Feel So Good: Emotional Mastery for Teens and Emerging Adults

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I have been there - in that space where I've been surrounded by feelings too big to name, too difficult to express. Sometimes my younger selves show up screaming and throwing tantrums, demanding that I deal with my problems the way they would prefer. Truth is, big feelings affect us all, even when we're growing, and long after we're grown.

That is why I wrote this book for you. This Bible-based, self-help book explores intense emotions and the importance of owning and expressing them.

By examining big feelings like anxiety, depression, grief, guilt, shame, hurt, betrayal, fear, anger, and frustration through the lenses of psychology and faith, I hope to equip you with the knowledge and the tools you need to express and resolve those feelings in healthy ways.

I Don't Feel So Good is a trade paperback, 142 pages. ISBN 9781777579814