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German-Alien Pilot Saves The World

This short book does not contain reports of UFOs. It does not attempt to convince anyone of the existence of UFOs.
This book does present a solution to our needs. What you do with it is your problem.
There are many negatives but only one positive direction to what we each do from here on.
Who are our leaders? What do they stand for? Do we really need them?
The Computer Age can be our opening to a Golden Age. Or computers could be used by the largest corporations of the world to control us further.
This book picks up in the harsh real world where Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged storyline leaves off.
The inside scoop from a competing group that was totally separate yet paralleled Project Paper Clip, the bringing of Germans into the U.S. after WWII.
Are you concerned about more secret bases than Nevada's Area 51?
Explanation on how the financing of Black Ops programs are made with genuine assets.
This book's chapters may be read in any order as they are independent of each other.

After you read this book you will more thoroughly understand the following:
The late great comedian George Carlin asked: "Why do they call it the American Dream?" His answer: "Because you have to be asleep to believe it."
Table of Contents

Chapter 1.-It Begins
3.-1950s Avrocar Saucer
4.-There is A Higher Law & Order in The Universe
5.-The 5 Step Program to Save the World
6.-Assets vs. Debt
8.-Fiat Currency
9.-The Courts have Sold Out
10.-The Opposition
11.-Oh, Another Conspiracy-Theory Nut
12.-The Keshe Foundation
13.-The Positive Birthright Foundation
ISeptember 24, 2012 Seven day NOTICE to Commissioner James E. Darling
IIThe Titanic - Olympia - PTSD - Usury
IIIThe Mortgage Industry is A Can of Worms
IVTolkien’s Two Towers
V2011 letter regarding the need for Martial Law
VISeptember 4th, 2011 letter regarding Multi-dimensional Physics
VIIApril 9th, 2011 letter to M.T. Keshe

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