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Now That I Know Better - Autographed Copy

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How do you find fulfillment when life just doesn't seem to make sense?

You lose a loved one, or your job, or your home, or a spouse walks off leaving you in a whirl wind of tears and fears. Maybe you have lost nothing, but you have had some experiences that were out of your control that left you feeling broken inside.

So how do you survive the messy parts of life with a smile on your face and some pep in your step?

I have come to learn there is healing for the wounded soul. I share with you how I made it through with the hope to inspire you to make it through your life lessons too. I have had to overcome low-self esteem, divorce, abortions, death of loved ones, physical abuse and much more. The pain was devastating. However, the healing was much more rewarding.

Now That I Know Better is full of little stories and lessons that brought me through the storms of life. You can realize you are not your past; you are not a victim to poor choices and you are not your pain. You are forgiven and free to live your best life ever. After all, once you know better, you are free to do better.

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