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  600 PAGES

  Includes OVER 2000 IMAGES (labels, photos, etc.) in colour and black and white, plus full annotated discographies of Candix (singles and matrix-master), Union, and Top Ten, Inc. record labels with images.

  THE CANDIX STORY is an attempt to document and chronicle as many facts about Candix Enterprises, Inc., primarily a record label that operated in Los Angeles, California for essentially two years, from September 1960 to September 1962.

  This book is an attempt to document and chronicle as many facts about the label itself, the individuals primarily involved and in some cases their associates, together with the artists, the recordings and the singles issued, as thoroughly as the now known facts will allow.

  However, many of the questions posed and/or referred to in this book will never be answered because all those involved are no longer with us.

   THE CANDIX STORY is also a book about the early Los Angeles music industry and many of the individuals who were instrumental in its development.

  It is also a story of the “Birth of the Beach Boys” whose Candix single was their first release.

  The machinations involved in getting this single recorded, released and distributed are documented in great detail (over a 100 pages) with much previously unavailable (and CORRECTED) material.

  But most of all, this is a book about people … talented individuals who did what they did to get to where they ended up in the music business; much of which impacted on and was impacted by their involvement with Candix Enterprises, Inc.

  In telling this tale, many byways will be explored to provide you with most likely more information than you expected to find in a book about the CANDIX record label.

   These “divergences” have been made in order to document many elements of the early Los Angeles music industry previously bypassed or treated cavalierly by others.

  If you want to know the FACTS about groups such as the Frogmen, the Moongooners, the Beach Boys, the Mar-kets, the Routers and recording artists such as Lanny Duncan, David Box, Dean Beard, Theola Kilgore, Lou Rawls, Don & Marty, Tony & Joe, etc., etc., then this is the book for you.

  There is no other.

  A full list of the contents of this book can be found on the website:

  This is also the first of the "PRINT YOUR OWN BOOK" series.

  There is no lock on the contents.

  Therefore, in order to save YOU postage and printing costs (in excess of $100), you can download this book and print your own copy.

   I am providing this in good faith and hope that this generosity is not something that will be taken advantage of.

  The contents are copyrighted, but available for you to download for your own convenience and enjoyment.

  This is also a work in progress.

  This in EDITION 1.

  Additional editions will be published if and when more information becomes available.

  Anyone who purchases one edition and would like the latest edition will be sent a promo code (upon request) to download the latest edition at no cost (


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