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Black Dragon Yoga: Vinyasa Flow Series

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Black Dragon Yoga™ is a powerful and unique system of personal development. Vinyasa Flow Series is the fourth installment in the series and focuses on the coordination of breath and movement. This particular practice can be considered a moving meditation. There is a distinct emphasis on the transitions between each position and are considered just as important as the postures themselves. The idea behind this is to deepen concentration and body awareness through the entire practice. Rather than focusing on creating a new body shape and then breathing, in the Vinyasa Flow, the deep breathing will be intentionally integrated and consistent throughout the training. Practicioners will be challenged to connect movements more rapidly than many other yoga styles producing a unique cardiovascular component which makes breath control even more essential. Connect breath to movement and BE the Flow! 

Who can benefit from the Vinyasa Flow Series:

-Fitness enthusiasts of all ages
-Anyone looking for a new challenging workout
-Anyone looking to take a pro-active approach in injury prevention

Black Dragon Yoga™: Vinyasa Flow Series Features:
Complete Practice-60 minute comprehensive and intense hatha yoga routine including martial arts techniques

Abbreviated Routine-15 minute Breathing routine to improve focus and relaxation
You will get the following files:
  • MP3 (29MB)
  • MOV (3GB)
  • MOV (1GB)
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