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THE BEACH BOYS 1961-1963







  As is evident by FOURTH EDITION, this is the fourth time this book has been made available. This new edition includes an extra 2 pages (than EDITION THREE) which contain a wealth of new information and graphics not previously available anywhere else.

  In this FOURTH EDITION you will find the story of the birth of the Beach Boys and the answers to many questions, plus revelations that will change the established and accepted early history of the group.

Were The Beach Boys ever called The Pendletons/Pendletones?

What was the name of the group when they went to Candix Records?

Which was first: X-301, Candix 301 or Candix 331?

What has Richie Podolor to do with the Beach Boys?

Did Nick Venet really produce the Beach Boys?

Why did Alan Jardine leave the Beach Boys and then rejoin the group?

Were Alan Jardine and David Marks in the Beach Boys at the same time?

Were Danny Hamilton, Paul Johnson and Gary Usher ever earmarked as members of the Beach Boys?

Where were the September and October 1961 and February 1962 recording sessions undertaken by the band recorded? At the Morgan’s Mayberry Street studio, the Morgan’s Melrose Avenue studio and/or World Pacific’s studio?

When was the Surfin’ b/w Luau single really released?

Where did the CAN part of Candix REALLY come from; Candix Enterprises, Inc. being the first record label to release a Beach Boys single?

Was there to be a follow-up “Beach Boys” single on Candix?

Or was it to be on Joe Saraceno’s Union record label?

  Answers to these questions and more will be found in THE BEACH BOYS 1961-1963: INCEPTION & CONCEPTION.

  For the first time, the truth behind the birth of the Beach Boys will be revealed, largely by those who WERE THERE.

  Since its publication in 2011, this book has become the benchmark for all other books pertaining to the Beach Boys, and the basis for more recently published books on the band.

  You will not find any regurgitated “facts” in this book, only what really happened based on FACTUAL DETAILS.

  Includes 14 pages of photos (11 in colour), a full colour front and back cover, a DISCOGRAPHY, BIBLIOGRAPHY, NOTES & REFERENCES (containing additional color graphics, photos, over 60 record labels, plus record album covers, etc), plus a thorough INDEX.

You will get a PDF (30MB) file

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