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The Canaries Are Dying

Do you feel sick all the time?
Wonder why John died so young?
Why Dan is always sick?
Wonder why Mary never goes to events, church, stores?
The canaries used in mines years ago to detect poison gases would die, telling the miners that they must get fresh air or die too.
There are people who have become those canaries.  Their illnesses and untimely deaths are a warning to the modern world of poisons that will harm us unless we get to fresh air.
Are you willing to learn about some of those poisons?
This book tells about some of the modern poisons and the harm they cause human life.
Several Years ago I started a book about the harmful chemicals in the modern world and their effects on people.  Today the world is flooded with new evidence of these toxic chemicals. The computer ate 67 pages.  All I have left of those files are corrupted (can't be translated to English) files)  see The Lost Canaries Are Dying Book at .  I have continued to collect information and almost daily talk to someone about the subject, yesterday to a doctor and to a man, who told me of his life time of hay fever and he told me of a nurse who developed allergies that were diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic, and the day before and today to a woman who feels like she has the flu all the time and has felt that way for 10 years.
Organizations like EWG and doctors world wide are beginning to inform people of the dangers of our chemical lifestyle and improper medical remedies. Last August I met a MD in Austria who works with other doctors and researchers on ways other than modern Chemo and Radiation for cancer treatment.
This book is long over due.  I've accumlated vast amounts of medical information and personal experiences since the lost 67 paqes, that I will later publish as supplemants to  this work.

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