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Pentecost Island...where romance entices and secrets unfold. Spend a month on Pentecost Island and experience an amazing adventure between six friends, the challenges they face, the past threatening to come between them, and their enduring friendship as they start up a new resort.

Cherry Chilcott is close to achieving her dream of being a top class chef and when she is offered a position in the restaurant at Pippa Carmichael’s new resort on Pentecost Island it is hard for her to contain her excitement.

That is, until she turns up for her first shift and her dreams turns to dust, and her excitement soon fades after a screaming match with the knife-wielding head chef.

Angus Alexander is fuming; the position on Pentecost Island is his last shot at making his mark as a top class chef, and he refuses to have it sabotaged by Cherry, who was responsible for the failure of his last venture.

He'd thought he loved her, but it ended badly—very badly.

Cherry vows to stay calm, ignore Angus Alexander and learn as much as she can.

But can Cherry ignore the sparks that still ignite between them, and can Angus learn to trust the woman he once loved?

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