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Space Precinct Zero #1 + #2 DOUBLE BUNDLE

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Space Precinct Zero #1 and #2 - The Double Bundle! - Available for dispatch on January 18th.

Get the first two issues of explosive sci-fi adventure comic book Space Precinct Zero, an art print of BOTH covers, a DOMA Comics sticker and Transport Shuttle sticker!

Follow Emay Reiziger as she joins the crew, fresh out of boot camp. The only problem is she's not so sure that she's in the right place.

Scheme Officer Lucas Karaner is tasked with ensuring she settles in, but his second-rate status on-board the Precinct threatens to undermine his authority.

Partners both on and off duty, Officers Danny Banguera and Renna Själsfrände buckle up with the rest of their squadron as they come face to face with mysterious alien invaders.

With all of this under the orders of the nervous Captain Jacoby, are the officers of Space Precinct Zero up to the challenge?
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