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Why Jesus will come back and not Muhammad PBUT

In the name of the real God the most gracious the most merciful. 

  6 pearls of wisdom about Jesus coming back 3 said by old famous scholars and 3 said by the author.

After more than 7 years of researches in Signs of the hour, I found this question in one website

  Why Jesus will come back and not Muhammad PBUT.

The answer was sayings of 3 famous ancient scholars and they were good, but by the grace of the real God, it came to my mind 3 greatest pearls of wisdom which Jesus will return for, and it is some of the fruit of my research. 

Then I decided to write a book and mention in it the pearls of wisdom which famous ancient scholars mentioned and my 3 greatest pearls of wisdom.

these 3 new great pearls of wisdom are in the favor of Christians and Jews and it doesn't affect Muslims.

this book is very interesting and valuable for Christians and Jews, Because it has very good news for them, Meanwhile it is interesting for Muslims too, because they will know the 3 new great pearls of wisdom that Jesus will come back and not Muhammad PBUT.

It is great mercy, bounty, and pearls of wisdom that Jesus will come back and not Muhammad peace be upon them.

In this book you will also know new important information which will occur or happen shortly, and it is related to Jesus the real messiah and his followers, and also you will know a very important information about Romans, whom they are the followers of Jesus and mostly they are Europeans and Americans. 

The author's aim is leading humanity to what the creator loves, and to be the cause of saving humanity from Hellfire and let them enter the highest level of Paradise.

Paradise and Eden Garden are so huge and we cannot imagine its size and the last one enter Eden garden after he gets out from Hellfire he will be given 50 times more than a king whom he owned whole earth. This is only an example otherwise, a small area of Eden Garden like 0.25 meters X 2 Meters is better than all the world we know.

I love to conclude with these sentences

He who finds the real God has found everything, and he who lost the real God has lost everything.

Praise be to real God, the Lord of the Worlds

Peace, mercy, and blessings of real God to be on those whom they love him and he loves them.

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