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How To Start Teaching Guitar Lessons

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You play guitar.

Your friends love hearing your guitar playing.

You post videos online

your friends ask you to teach them some guitar...

and you wonder, "Would anyone pay me to teach them guitar?"


You may think you don't know enough.

Maybe you don't have a degree in music.

Maybe you're mostly self taught.

But, you do know some stuff, some styles, some skills AND when you play those, you sound AWESOME.

What if people paid you to do what you already love playing?


Many guitar teachers go blindly into teaching.

They might answer an ad looking for a guitar teacher...

or they might just start teaching without any clear idea of who they should teach. 

I’ve met many teachers who sound frustrated with their teaching life.

They talk about having students that challenge their patience. They share stories of students that cause them pain (and they would rather not teach).

  • What if… you wake up and teach students that are excited to go for your guitar classes?
  • What if… you LOVE your job and can’t wait to meet your new students?
  • What if… you actually have a job that makes you money AND makes you happy?
This doesn't happen by accident. You need to plan for success.


Hi, my name is Az Samad. 

Welcome to How To Start Teaching Guitar Lessons.

I could begin by telling you that I have 4 degrees in music, or that I’ve been teaching for more than 20 years or that I’ve taught at the Berklee College of Music for the Summer Guitar Sessions. 

But, although all that is cool, let’s talk about YOU.

Because this course is for you. 

This is a guide is designed to help you get guitar students.

Specifically, to get you your very first paying student. 

You’re probably been playing guitar for awhile, gotten good at it and now… you’re looking to make some extra money from teaching guitar lessons.

STILL, you’re probably not sure how to start.

Maybe you have questions like:

  • Am I good enough?
  • Who would study with me?
  • How do I find students?

Let me guide you through the process.

I wish something like this existed when I started teaching 20 years ago. Although I was fortunate to study with many great guitar teachers, and though many of them helped me to discover HOW TO TEACH, I didn’t have as much guidance in how to build a teaching practice.

Now, after years of teaching students all around the world, I’ve assembled the most important KEYS to help you start teaching guitar. 

This is... How To Start Teaching Guitar Lessons.

This guide is made up of a 24-minute audio lesson (MP3 file) and a workbook (PDF file).

You get 4 pages of worksheets & a 1 page checklist. As you complete the worksheet, you will learn about: 

  • Your personal purpose & goals for teaching guitar
  • Your strengths in guitar playing 
  • Your future students that you will meet & guide
  • The details of your teaching environment & your ideal teaching hours
  • Your income goal that will guide your strategy as a guitar teacher
  • The compelling reasons of WHY people should become your students

Using the information you gathered in this worksheet, you will be able to repurpose it into:

  • Your announcement to offer guitar lessons on social media, websites and even traditional print/photocopied flyers 
  • You can also use it to design or update your teaching CV and resume
  • As well as develop further plans and strategies for your teaching practice

All this is so that you have an EDGE in today’s competitive music world. 

Take the first step by investing in yourself. 


How much is the cost to invest in this audio lesson?

US$67 (that's just less than 19 cents a day for a year. YES, not even 20 cents a day)

What would it be worth to you...

  • if you got one new student who pays you even US$25 a month for an entire year? That's an extra US$300 per year of ADDITIONAL INCOME for you. What would you buy with USD$300?

  • if you got 4 new students who pay you even US$25, that's an extra US$100 per month -- you would make back the money you invested in this audio lesson) -- and you would have an extra US$1,200 a year to buy a new guitar, new guitar pedals or maybe even take a beach holiday & chill out.

  • Imagine how you will feel knowing that you have the power (and knowledge) to use your guitar skills to make money. Your friends and relatives who didn't believe in your music skills -- boy, were they wrong!


This is what guitar teacher Mo Rezza had to say about the course:

"Az is back with his own "train the trainer" pack! You will find how to gauge yourself, do reality checks, how to identify your target audience, visual management in your teachings, self improvement and more in this pack. It’s a must have thing for year 2019 for all the guitar players that want to explore the world of teaching.

psstt…I have invested some monies and time in Az's lessons. I got the ROIs already… so you guys should have this too.”

Mo Rezza, Subang Jaya, Malaysia


Still not sure?

...if I'm the right person to guide you to becoming a guitar teacher?

These are words from my private guitar students over the years! 😀

"Az Samad had been one of the most inspiring guitar instructor I’d came across. Not just his skills and techniques that make him a great teacher, but his level of understandings, experiences, thoughts and patients. What I learned most from Az is the way and method he uses to learn and practice, from breaking apart a song and analyse it note to note to fixing some basic foundation that many had ignored but would actually make a huge different in our playing. Learning with Az had been a wonderful experience.”

Joyie Xinyuer Lai, Jazz Guitar, Harmony & Fingerstyle Guitar Student


"All the methods that he used was simply incredible and easy to understand. He always have good ways on explaining things to students. Also all the materials that he gave me (homeworks , book suggestions and many more) were really great and helpful! 

So, I do strongly urge all "Music" students out there (especially to my colleagues at the Faculty of Music,UiTM) don't matter classical or modern or what instruments you're doing to take lessons with this great Music Teacher. Really worth the money and time."

Saiful Hazman​, Jazz & Harmony Student 


"During my 7 years as a guitar student, I took private lessons with over 10 guitarists. Some of them being classical guitarists, some rock guitarists, and some jazz guitarists. Some of them being world-class performers, Berklee College of Music professors, or active guitarists in the local scene. But studying with Az Samad was definitely one of the most profound and musically enriching experience for me."

Chris Lee, Jazz Guitar Student


"I wish I took a few guitar classes with Az when I first started--it would’ve saved me a few years worth of frustration! Instead of teaching me 20 songs and a few flashy techniques, Az thought me how to learn whatever I wanted. He really helped open my eyes to ‘invisible techniques’ that rhythm guitarists use to get the effect that they want. The only negative thing I came away with from the class is a new-found obsession with creating Youtube lists and finding folk songs with subtle tempo changes. You have been warned!"

Ariff, Singer-Songwriter Guitar Course Student


"The general saying out there is that one is either a performer or an educator and never really both. But I think Az has got both sides down pat and he even covers this in one of his lessons. So not only do you learn technique, but you do learn some stage/ performance craft as well! I initially started out nervous and thinking I wasn't smart enough to be able to fully comprehend everything. But Az brings music into an understanding that you can personally relate to, and by my 12th lesson I felt more confident in my playing and was more conscious on what I was doing around the fret board. Az also knows how to bring out hidden knowledge in your subconscious to a whole new level and you will then say to yourself 'WHOA!' *brain explosion*"

Li-Ying, Electric Guitar Student


"I've been taking jazz guitar lesson from Az for the past 13 months. It's a really satisfying process as Az slowly 'demystify' jazz to me step by step. I came to realise that jazz is not as scary as i thought when you have the right guidance and a great teacher. Az made the process of learning to play jazz really fun. I strongly recommend to anyone who wanna learn how to play jazz or improvise to take lesson with Az! His enthusiasm and passion will definitely make you a better player!" 

Seng Jinn, Jazz Guitar Student


"Az Samad is THE Malaysian guitar hero. Not only is he an incredibly soulful and accomplished player, he is a talented and well respected educator in all aspects of the guitar. He is also a super nice guy with a wicked sense of humour. Miss him at your peril!"

Mike Dawes, English Virtuoso Fingerstyle Guitarist & Recording Artist with Candyrat Records
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