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Thoughts Of You fanzine issue 2

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Issue 2: Surfer Boy.
A charity fanzine for Beach Boy Dennis Wilson.
a 125 page 115mb Pdf

Pay what you want / pay what you feel (minimum £1)
All profits minus fees will go to a UK grassroots homelessness charity.

More information:

The even longer difficult second issue.
Contents include: Dennis surfing cover art by artsantis, archive interviews with Dennis on music, surfing, touring, Brian, being a Beach Boy, roller skating, The Harmony and his affinity for the sea & mostly being ridiculously positive & enthusiastic during the Beach Boys notorious ‘78 Australian tour. Originally published in Australian publications Surfing World & TV Week in 1978.

Also tributes to Billy Hinsche and Taylor Hawkins; Beach Boys/Beatles mash up art by Why The Longplay face?; a rant about a vaguely Dennis related NFT (inc. some casual swearing), fan memories of Dennis by Bengt Stenström; an archive review of Pacific Ocean Blue from Surfing World in '78; Dennis & Brian accidentally gatecrashing the BBC's Top Of The Pops coverage of Kokomo; art by PDC, Ooonthemarket333, Valerie Simadis, and Jackie Modra; cartoons by Ollivier Cartoonist (a homage to Bobby Figueroa, Dennis decides it's time Carl learns how to surf, & celebrating the Beach Boys 60th anniversary); a random anonymous Dennis confession; typographic collages inspired by Pond's Sitting Up On Our Crane; obscure vintage Beach Boys compilations with cover art portraying the whole band surfing ; Beach Boys album cover glitter art found on etsy + other odd merch, screen shots of Dennis as the original true surfer of the band...

plus: zine updates inc. getting featured on De Ziners & by Simon on The Streets; zine links/back issue & merch information; taking part in virtual zine fests inc. Quaranzine Fest, & KC Zine Con #6 & #7 feat. lots of trash pandas reading zines, competition winners and more...

Zine is in pdf format. *This is a digital download only.*

Pay what you want / pay as you feel (minimum £1) & all profit will be donated to Simon On The Streets (Registered charity no. 1088245), a grassroots homelessness charity. "Simon on the Streets remembers and engages those that so many forget"
You will get a PDF (116MB) file

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