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100 most common IELTS Listening gapfill answers

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If you struggle with IELTS Listening gapfill (especially in Part 4), this 25-page A4 digital PDF booklet gives you
  • lists of the most common gapfill answers (taken from Section 4 of Tests 7 -17)
  • colour-coded answers to help you recognise common answer types
  • extra lists of common spelling patterns for different word forms (e.g. -tion, -sion, -cian/ -ent -ency)
  • additional lists of tricky spellings that they test e.g. city-cities, woman-women
  • lists of difficult spelling-sound associations e.g. comfortable, business
  • pronunciation tips to help you recognise words that sound different from their spelling
It also includes a 28-day plan to keep you on track and help you stay motivated.

Use the booklet as part of your IELTS vocabulary-building. Keep a notebook and get a friend to test you.
There is space to add any extra words that you find during your preparation. Use it in conjunction with the 28-Day IELTS Vocabulary Planner.

Please note that this is a digital PDF and it does NOT include any Listening Tests (these are easily searchable online).

Also, I am unable to give refunds once the planner has been downloaded.

However, please do contact me via my website if you have any questions.

Join the Members Academy 28-Day Listening Course for more in-depth tutorials to help you increase your Listening Band Score.
You will get a PDF (974KB) file

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