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210. assignment (basic physics)

13. If you leave the door of your refrigerator open while it is operating, it

 a.) will cause the room to get cooler.

b.) will cause the room to get warmer.

c.) will not affect the temperature of the room.

d.) could make the room cooler, warmer, or have no affect depending on the control settings of the refrigerator.

e.) either heats or cools the room depending on whether it is summer or winter.


14. Blocks I and II, each with a mass of 1.0kg, are hung from the ceiling of an elevator by ropes 1 and 2. What is the force exerted by rope 1 on block II when the elevator is accelerating downward at 1m/s2? (Take g=10m/sl.)

 a.) 10 N

b.) 2 N

c.) 9N

d.) 11 N

e.) 0 N


15. In a given reversible process, the temperature of an ideal gas is kept constant while the gas is compressed to a smaller volume. Select the true statement:

a.) The gas must absorb heat from its surroundings during this process.

b.) The gas must release heat to Its surroundings during this process

c.) The pressure of the gas also stays constant during this process.

d.) The process is adiabatic.

e.) it is Impossible to predict on the basis of this dam





16. in the figure above, M1 greater than M2, and both are sitting on a frictionless table. We can apply a horizontal force F from either the right or the left to move the two blocks. The magnitude of the force between masses M1 and M2 is

a.) 0.0 N

b.) larger when F is applied from the left.

c) larger when F is applied from the right.

d.) the same in either case, but not zero.

e.) impossible to determine with this data.

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