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GREENHOUSE TOMATO AND CAPSICUM PRODUCTION IN THE TROPICS’ book was written to fill the knowledge-skill gap in greenhouse production and provide agropreneurs with practical guide on greenhouse production of tomato and capsicum in consideration to Low-Medium Cost Production Model, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Integrated Plant Nutrient Management (IPNM), Hydroponic System and Post-Harvest technology for export.

What you will see in the book;


Peculiarities of Greenhouse Farming

Considerations for Greenhouse Farming and Construction in the Tropical Areas

1. Site Location and Orientation

2. Greenhouse Materials

3. Greenhouse Structural Designs

4. Growing Media and Container

5. Water Supply

6. Seeds

7. Tools

8. Basic Monitoring Equipment

9. Greenhouse Management, Maintenance and Sanitation

10. Market

Construction of Low-Medium Cost Greenhouse

1. Design and Size

2. Manpower

3. Working tools

4. Construction Materials

5. Setting up of Structure

6. Greenhouse Covering

Tomato and Capsicum Cultivation in the Greenhouse

1. Nursery Management and Preparation of Potting Media for Seedling Trays

2. Soil Preparation and Container Cultivation

3. Soil/Soilless Media and Organic Manure Sterilization

4. Transplanting

5. Irrigation Management

6. Nutrient Management

    First Fertilization Program with only Drip Irrigation

   Second Fertilization Program with Fertigation

  Third Fertilization Program (in Hydroponic System)

7. Supporting and Training (Tomato)

8. Pruning (Tomato)

9. Pollination (Tomato)

10. Supporting, Training and Pruning (Capsicum)

11. Pollination (Capsicum)

12. Yield and Harvesting

Integrated Pests and Diseases Management (IPM) for Tomato and Capsicum

Post-Harvest Technology for Export of Tomato and Capsicum


Its Definitive, Practical and Illustrative!!!

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