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Generous Respect: The next story of humanity

This short book is the story about the ongoing shift in the way we all look at the world. All of us alive today grew up during the reign of the economic narrative, which tells the stories of our lives as a series of transactions, whose ideal is growth and whose behavior is to maximize profit. It’s promise, which is very attractive when you are dirt poor, is ever-growing wealth. Lately, though, that frame is showing signs of wear and tear.

Once old frames have lost their ability to help us find meaning in our everyday lives, a new one emerges. We are witnessing such an emergence of a new frame, built on relations, generosity and respect. This book is about the possibility to change our lives and our societies that both have become empty, wasted and mean. This book is about hope.

„Danke für das inspirierende Buch! …  ich [bin] gerade in einer Phase, wo mir die Vorstellung eines Übergangs in ein Zeitalter von „generous resepct“ eher schwer fällt. Das Gute ist, dass … ich eigentlich schon von einem Wandel träume. Den wichtigsten Part in deinem Buch fand ich den Abschnitt mit den Hinweisen wie man bei sich selber mit dem Wandel anfangen kann.

Thanks for the inspiring book. … I am at the moment in a phase where it is difficult for me to imagine a transition to an era of “generous respect”. The good thing is that … deep down, I already dream of the change. The most important part of your book for me was the one where you give tips how to create change starting with oneself.”

 “Es war erfrischend endlich mal ein Buch zu lesen welches einem ein positives Gefühl gegenüber der Zukunft gibt.
It was refreshing to finally read a book that gives one a positive feeling vis-à-vis the future.”

“Dein Buch zu lesen gibt mir Hoffnung, dass es besser werden kann und Mut, die Dinge auch im Kleinen optimieren zu können um Großes zu bewegen - mit generous respect und Zeit.
Reading your book gives me hope that things can be better and courage to change things at the small level to move things at the large level - with generous respect and time.
'We learned how to count but we've forgotten what counts' - so true!
I'm impressed and inspired by your book!”

“It's a new world when people foot-note Lou Reed.”

“First, the book.  I enjoyed it immensely and, not surprisingly, see a distillation of your thinking over the years.  The ideas are presented in a succinct, clear way, and your diagrams and illustrations are fabulous.  I especially like the use of trees as an organic symbol of the new frame.  The cover immediately reminded me of a wonderful book I read last year, The Hidden Life of Trees:  What They Feel, How They Communicate, by Peter Wohlleben.  It, too, makes the case about a living network that likewise is mutually dependent and indeed generous and respectful among other living organisms.
I also got a kick out of your references to Maine sayings and of course the tip of the hat to Betty Sue Flowers, and her influential work in this field.
To braid these ideas together in a scant 108 pages is a tour de force.”

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