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Touchstone Hills. Based on a true story

Have you ever felt like Job? Wondering where God was and why He allowed tragedy to happen in your life?

"Touchstone Hills" is a story about Daphne, a 19-year old girl filled with hope and joy at her life-changing spiritual discovery, when the unexpected happened. Here's an excerpt from the book:

"Why God would allow such a tragic thing to happen at the hands of His children was just beyond my utmost comprehension. Why does God allow His people to suffer such humiliation in the eyes of mockers and unbelievers?

"I couldn’t control the tears from falling now, and I was grateful for the fact that the students who were in the "Ikot" jeepney with me were too preoccupied with their own concerns and hardly noticed me.

"The jeepney stopped momentarily near the UP Faculty Center, where I saw a professor holding his son, about three years old, tightly by the hand. The boy was making a scene and crying his heart out, trying to pull free from his father’s firm grip on his arm while pointing toward the street. I could tell the boy wanted to break free because the idea of running across the wide road was too good to resist. And his dictator of a father just wouldn’t give him that chance. The boy was crying and struggling with all his strength, like there was no tomorrow. I looked at the father’s face and suddenly I was struck by an awesome revelation.

"The child’s arm was turning sore from struggling, and I knew it hurt the father more than it did the son. In his heart of hearts, I believe there was nothing in the world that could make that father let go of his son’s hand, although they were both hurting. From the child’s perspective, his father’s reaction didn’t make sense.

'You are like that little boy, Daphne...'

"A still small voice permeated my consciousness and seeped through my innermost being. It was Him. He was speaking to me again.

"Oh, Jesus, if I could only know why You did this to me..."

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