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Due Amiche e Un Album di Fotografie (A1) - Short Story in Simple Italian for Beginners and Intermediate Learners [ šŸŽ§ SLOW AUDIO included]

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Why Learn with Easy-Readers?

  • Our brains are not designed to memorize words in isolation. We need to associate new input, such as a word, grammar pattern, or sentence, with an image.
  • Stories provide visuals that help us associate new words and sentences. This makes it easier to recall the new information when we try to use it later.
  • Reading stories helps us absorb the basic principles of Italian sentence construction.
  • My stories include a free downloadable audio, narrated by a native speaker in slow Italian.

The Plot:

Do you know that there is a German-speaking region in Italy? Do you know that when hiking in the Dolomites, you can refuel at a local "malga"? And do you know what typical food in the Dolomites is like? If you donā€™t, you can learn everything about it in simple Italian by listening to and reading my short story, "Due Amiche e Un Album di Fotografie."

The setting for this tale isĀ Alto-AdigeĀ (SĆ¼dtirol), one of the twenty Italian regions, a breathtaking mountainous area in northeastern Italy.

This book includes:

  • 16 bite-sized chapters withĀ slow audioĀ narrated by a native speaker (access is free online).
  • 16 sets of online flashcards.
  • aĀ bilingualĀ word list at the end of each chapter.
  • insights into relevant vocabulary, grammar, and common mistakes made by English speakers when learning and speaking Italian.
  • Interesting facts about Alto Adige, one of Italy's alpine regions.
  • Dialogues and experiences you'll commonly encounter while traveling in Italy.
  • Review questions for measuring comprehension at the end of each chapter.

Due Amiche e un Album di FotografieĀ is a short story book designed forĀ beginners, advanced beginners, and lower intermediate learnersĀ (A1-A2Ā CEFR) and optimized for English speakers and for enhancing a fun (non-overwhelming!) learning experience.

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (477KB)
  • PDF (186KB)
  • ZIP (31MB)
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