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Trumpets of Jubilee Trumpet Duodecet (12 Trumpets)

Trumpets of Jubilee

Trumpet Duodectet (12 Trumpets)
By Eddie Lewis

Trumpets of Jubilee is a trumpet duodecet (12 trumpets) composition celebrating new beginnings.

Trumpets of Jubilee, the Composition
Trumpets of Jubilee begins as a fanfare in fugue form. This is not a baroque fugue. It is a modern fugue with very dense dissonances and lots of chromaticism. Several themes are explored before the texture changes to a drone with fanfare flourishes over the top.

The third section is contrapuntal, but not a genuine fugue.

The fourth section returns to the thematic material which was fanfared over the drone in the second section.

There is a crescendo into the last climax that begins to sound a bit chaotic. This slight chaos represents the shuffle and resetting of power as the year of Jubilee begins. The very last blast signifies the final release and freedom. Chains are broken and new beginnings are made.

Skill Level
Within our skill level system, Trumpets of Jubilee is at the Trumpet Master skill level. This is the sixth of our seven skills, so it is an advanced piece.

The highest note in Trumpets of Jubilee is E above high C. There are eight of these in the first part. They are short, but you need to have a solid E to make this work.

The ensemble work isn’t as difficult as having the chops on this one.

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