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Twenty Trumpet Pioneer Duets


The First Noel Trumpet Christmas Carol Duet


Trumpet Chops Apprentice


Belief for beginner trumpet solo


Passion Trumpet Quartet


When the Joy of the Lord Kicks In Trumpet Quartet


Darkest Night Brightest Light


Beware of Modern Oracles: Trumpet Trio by Eddie Lewis


James Lan's March


La Phantacita March Experimental Trumpet Duet


Trumpet Hymn Duets eBook


The Joy of the Lord Trumpet Quartet by Eddie Lewis


O Mighty God (aka How Great Thou Art) Trumpet Hymn Duet


Home Church Congregation Easy Trumpet Trio


Angels from the Realms of Glory Trumpet Hymn Duet


About Me

Eddie Lewis is a composer, professional trumpet player, and private trumpet instructor in the greater Houston area.